About Us


We contribute our proven competencies in non-dilutive fundraising, collaborations, and industrial R&D when designing and implementing solutions to advance your projects.

01. Strategic

We generate strategies to increase your business through non-dilutive fundraising, collaborations, and timely and cost-effective project plans.

02. Professional

We produce high quality work and achieve timely completion. Due to our responsible and personable attitude we motivate teams and manage projects to attain peak results.

03. Loyal

We ensure loyal and fair consulting, holding all your confidential scientific and business information in strict confidence.


What Makes Us Successful


Focused and dedicated to efficiently attain goals tailored to your needs


Organized and dependable to deliver at a high-quality level and fulfil objectives in a timely manner


Enthusiastic about building highly interactive multi-disciplinary and cross-sector teams



Confident with timely and efficient communication and issue & conflict resolution


Open-minded approach to create and deepen relationships with multiple stakeholders worldwide


Acknowledged expert and skillful at training and mentoring

Experienced Consultant

With Passion for Profession

Dr. Petra Bloms-Funke

Managing Director

Experienced consultant for successful non-dilutive fundraising, multiple stakeholder collaborations and research and development programs in Life Sciences.


Proven capabilities and competencies to create business visions and devise strategies for non-dilutive fundraising worldwide, collaborations, and advancing R&D assets.


Skillful at establishing multi-disciplinary and cross-sector collaborations with academia, industry, biotech & medical engineering companies, and patient organizations.

20 years industry experience

More than 20 years’ industry experience, deep non-clinical and translational expertise and capacities to further projects from discovery through to development and regulatory submission.

Relationships in Europe and U.S.A.

Ability to forge strong and enduring relationships with partners, funding agencies, NGOs and decision makers in Europe and U.S.A.