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We are your consulting partner for pharmaceutical, bio- or medical technology projects. Building on our proven experience, we help to realize unique ideas and add value to your projects.

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As an entrepreneur, benefit from non-dilutive fundraising to start and expand your project without giving up ownership. Get access to funds for collaborative cutting-edge research and translate this to highly innovative real-world outcomes. Find opportunities for strategic partnerships.

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Looking to maximize your impact, we are your partner from the idea through to project implementation.

  • Devise concepts and strategies
  • Write proposals
  • Create partnerships
  • Assume end-to-end project management
  • Provide R&D capacities and scientific expertise

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Dedicated to drive innovative solutions and accelerate your business, we aim to make available non-dilutive funding and bring together all the expertise and stakeholders relevant to advance your asset. To achieve this goal, we integrate a variety of our competencies.

Research Grants

Getting access to public funding to realize your ideas, while retaining ownership

Partnerships & Collaborations

Creating win-win-partnerships to achieve real innovation

Scientific Consulting

Helping to perfect innovative services and develop novel therapeutics