Research Grants

Good planning is half the battle


We find worldwide funding opportunities, provide a roadmap until submission of applications & execute grant administration – tailored to your needs.

Don’t Underestimate

Access to External Financing is the Key to Success

Getting startup funding is crucial to realize cutting-edge solutions. Especially startups benefit from public funding which enables them to grow and attract future investment. Make sure you get your public funding. We help you win grants to develop and sustain your business.


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We Can Do it All

We develop your ideas into grant concepts and devise customized strategies. We prepare competitive applications and provide end-to-end management of the grant administration. We utilize our network with the funding organization to assure being on the right track.

Devising your Worldwide Grant Strategy

Tailored to your needs, we identify funding opportunities worldwide, e.g. national, EU, US-NIH, and prioritize those with high probabilities for success and delivery of expected outcomes.

Writing of successful applications

We provide a roadmap until submission and outline the concept and budget. We take the lead in writing the proposal and prepare the administrative & financial and review the scientific sections.

Managing the Execution of your Grants

We negotiate budget and terms with the funding organization. We effectively manage grant administration, track progress, deliveries and milestones, and prepare reports.


Win Research Grants Worldwide
– No matter where you are located

We search worldwide to find the best non-dilutive fundraising opportunities to realize your groundbreaking research and expand your projects. We help entrepreneurs being about to found their start-up, small biotech or medical engineering companies, pharmaceutical companies, universities and private research institutes to win awards in their home countries, the European Union and the U.S.A.

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